Travelling Art Gallery

Deluxe Apartment

This project was born from the idea of having art cohabit with its audience for a few days, to experience a model of an art gallery more intimate and immersive.

The artworks in the facility, as well as the guests staying there, are also traveling. They find a comfortable and elegant stay among the rooms of our apartment, and then depart for other destinations and places.

randomness, uniqueness, destiny.

The meeting of travelers is always a unique moment that can arouse exceptional emotions that are as wonderful as they are fugacious.

Some of these you wish would never end...

Artist currently in exhibition

At this time, our Travelling Art Gallery is pleased to reserve its spaces for some artworks by the iranian artist Dayan Nazari.

Dayan Nazari
Dayan Nazari

Born on June 26,1994, to a bourgeois family in Isfahan, Iran. Since his childhood, he has a passion for drawing and colors; after his classical studies, he approaches to art by participating in a painting competition for young talents in his city, where he wins the first prize. After attending a course of study of drawing and painting, his talent leads him to the hounareh gallery where he presents a small collection of paintings with a considerable response by public and press.

Later, in 2017, Daylan meets the designer Nino Lettieri in Istanbul and decides to move to Italy, where new aspects of his art will bloom. Here the artist begins to focus on portraits of people met during the multiple trips in Asia and Europe, experimenting particular and singular techniques, oil or acrylic, multicolor, material and sculptural approaches.

Dayan is a big admirer of Joan Mirò, but some can also see in his works, due to the bright colors and unused combinations, influences from the style of Picasso and Guttuso, renovated in a contemporary key. Particularly appreciated in Europe and United States, Dayan Nazari’s paintings have been a source of inspiration for international stylists, including Nino Lettieri, and interior designers.